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Leadership. Communication. Teamwork.


Kacie and Melanie squareWe help organizations, groups, and emerging leaders resolve challenging personal dynamics by building mutual understanding.

  • Are the people on your team on completely different pages?
  • Is there a disconnect between generations in the workplace?
  • Is your emerging leadership team looking to level up?
  • Does your business seem lopsided – thriving in some areas, but struggling in others?
  • Are you looking to improve cohesiveness and productivity in a group or company full of very different people?

We are Kacie Berghoef and Melanie Bell, certified Enneagram teachers, international speakers, and authors of The Modern Enneagram. We’ve faced the same challenges in leadership, communication, and teamwork, and would like to introduce you to a model that helps us on a daily basis.

The Enneagram is a personality system that combines the insights of depth psychology, mindfulness, and group dynamics to tackle those tricky “people problems.” It’s been used everywhere from Fortune 500 boardrooms to presidential campaigns to build understanding between groups that don’t see eye to eye.

“Kacie and Melanie have extensive knowledge of the Enneagram and great rapport as a teaching team. They are researching and developing cutting-edge applications of the material.”
-Katherine Chernick Fauvre and David Fauvre, Founders, Enneagram Explorations

Understanding is the first step to change.

We all have a way of seeing the world that shapes our values, decisions, and interactions. It’s easy to think that our way is the way, that everyone else sees the same world we do. But, they don’t! Even people from the same background have nine different “lenses” on the world. The Enneagram helps you understand your own “lens” as well as your team members’ so you can truly walk in other people’s shoes. It gets a lot easier to communicate and collaborate once you know where everyone is coming from.

Difference is power.

No group is full of identical people. It can be challenging to work with others whose backgrounds and personalities differ from ours, but the Enneagram shows that difference is a source of strength. We’ll help you draw on the different skill sets on your team to strategize, delegate, and get things done using people’s natural strengths. If your team is “lopsided,” with lots of awareness in one area but blind spots in another, we’ll work with you to identify gaps and integrate missing perspectives.

Building leadership, bridging generations.

We speak the language of the next generation of leaders. We’ve lived through the challenges of a changing economy. We specialize in working with emerging leaders to develop potential and bridge the gap between generations in the workplace. Our Enneagram work identifies areas of innate leadership strength while deepening self-awareness, mindfulness, and management skills. We also offer practical tools for improving communication and resolving conflict, especially when misunderstanding is at the root.

Work With Us

We offer training, coaching, and scientifically validated RHETI assessment to identify your team members’ personality types. We also offer community workshops and speaking engagements to bring the Enneagram’s insights to a wider audience. Melanie offers Enneagram coaching to individual clients, executives, and teams.

As Director of Management, Kacie plans and manages operations from behind the scenes and co-facilitates in work with larger groups. As Director of Education, Melanie serves as primary facilitator, coach, curriculum designer, and point person. We are available to work in person and remotely with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the world. Visit our Teaching page for a list of topics we can cover with your business or community group, or contact us to learn how we can meet your organization’s needs.

If you want to get a taste of the work we do, our book, The Modern Enneagram, gives an in-depth overview of the system we work with and its far-reaching, practical applications. It’s available in paperback and Kindle editions. You can also download our free e-book, Decoding Personality in the Workplace: a quick tour of the nine personality types full of useful tips for working with different kinds of people.