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Are you seeking personal or executive coaching that takes your personality and worldview into account? We’d love to work with you to:

Discover your greatest strengths – and the ways you’re tripping yourself up.

Plan manageable steps toward the goals that matter to you.

Make change in a way that fits your style best!

Our Enneagram coaching is rooted in a deep recognition of and respect for differences. There is no one-size-fits all solution, so we tailor each offering to fit you. We offer one-, four-, and ten-session packages, as well as ongoing coaching. 

We are certified in the Awareness to Action Enneagram coaching method, and Melanie has completed Creativity Coaching training with Eric Maisel. Melanie works as our primary coach, and Kacie offers leadership and career coaching to select clients. Both of us also offer Enneagram typing interviews.

Our work might be a good fit if you:

  • Want to learn your Enneagram personality type
  • Are looking to advance professionally or become a stronger leader
  • Want coaching that delves deep and respects individual differences
  • Believe the “Why” is an integral part of the “What’s next”
  • Want to look at the root cause of your patterns so you can more effectively change them
  • Are seeking to make sense of important relationships in your life
  • Are in the midst of a life transition or stuck on a creative project

We can work with you over Skype, phone, or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area (extra charge for travel, or you can meet us in San Francisco).

“Melanie has a relaxed and kind approached which puts you immediately at ease. She asked me questions about my lifestyle and what I wanted to change and helped me come up with small, easy short term goals as well as manageable longer term goals. Melanie listens to you and responds with compassion and positivity. She makes you feel excited about working on yourself!”
-Danielle Doiron, Actor

“Kacie is great to work with. Her knowledge of the Enneagram runs deep and she communicates with clarity and precision.”

Contact us to learn more about our coaching or schedule a session.

Purchase coaching packages or typing interviews through our online store.


  • Our work is educational in nature, not counseling or therapy, although it is a wonderful complementary service!
  • Clients are offered one reschedule per appointment, available up to 24 hours in advance. You may reschedule less than 24 hours in advance if there is a major emergency; this counts as your one reschedule.
  • Sessions and packages are nonrefundable. We have the right to terminate a coaching relationship early, in which case you have the right to a refund.