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Typing Interviews and Individual Coaching

Discover your Enneagram personality type with a typing interview, or apply this insightful system to your goals with individualized coaching. All sessions are an hour long. We can work with you over Skype, phone, or in person in San Francisco.

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“Melanie has a relaxed and kind approached which puts you immediately at ease. She asked me questions about my lifestyle and what I wanted to change and helped me come up with small, easy short term goals as well as manageable longer term goals. Melanie listens to you and responds with compassion and positivity. She makes you feel excited about working on yourself!”
-Danielle Doiron, Actor

“Kacie is great to work with. Her knowledge of the Enneagram runs deep and she communicates with clarity and precision.”

Typing and Coaching

Audio Downloads

Learn how to work productively with all kinds of people with our Problem Solving Through Personality audio recording downloads! Download them below. Physical CDs are also available by request. Contact us to order a CD.



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