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“Smart and dedicated, Kacie and Melanie are engaging teachers and precise model builders. I hope they keep doing what they’re doing for a long, long time.”
Tom Condon, Enneagram teacher and author of The Dynamic Enneagram, The Enneagram Movie & Video Guide

We specialize in bringing Enneagram learning to the workplace, with a focus on leadership development, communication, and teamwork. We also offer workshops in community settings. Our teaching and training is highly experiential, with interactive exercises that bring the material to life.

Below is a list of our core offerings. Trainings, classes, and speaking engagements can range in length from brief remarks to multiple-day courses, and can be tailored to your needs. Melanie is available to work with groups and individual clients. Both Melanie and Kacie are available to work collaboratively with larger groups. We also offer consulting and scientifically validated RHETI personality type assessment.

Introduction to the Enneagram
Learn the nine core motivations that make us tick and discover your personality type.

Communication Styles for Success
Learn the three different communication styles and examine their roles in a group. Perfect for your team or workplace.

Personality Types and Teamwork
Discover the personality types of people on your team, and gain tools for navigating group dynamics and collaborating mindfully.

Lead from Your Strengths
Discover your leadership style and natural strengths, and create an action plan to take your performance to the next level.

Constructive Conflict Resolution
Find out what roles people adopt in conflict, and learn how to apply three complementary strategies to move from disagreement to productive resolution.

The Enneagram and Mindfulness
Learn personality-specific ways to increase mindfulness in the workplace or on your spiritual journey.

Use Your Instincts: Building Better Relationships
Find out what qualities you’re looking for in a relationship, learn how to speak your loved ones’ “languages,” and deepen your bonds.

I had a great time at Kacie and Melanie’s Enneagram seminar. They each have decades of accumulated knowledge on the subject, and they present it in a seamless alternating style. Anyone from a beginner to a seasoned student would gain from their complex understanding and pleasant presentation.”
-Gary Gilliam, Small business owner

Check out our schedule of events for upcoming public offerings, or contact us to schedule a corporate training, class, or talk. We are available to travel and provide online offerings.